What Does Zatori Do?

Zatori Results is a specialist in online retailing. We focus on all the traditional things a retail shop would do and just take that online, making the experience seamless for the customer. Zatori also spends the time and effort to research and utilise the skills needed in-house to do SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and Conversion Optimization. If that sounds too techie for you – we sell stuff online (and we’re pretty good at it).

More and more people are able to leverage the internet to find the best deals for products they have already decided to buy. Paying for expensive show rooms and high overheads to selling goods still has a place in the market, however people nowadays have less time and realise there is a time and financial cost involved in going to stores, which might be better spent shopping from the comfort of their home.

Where Does the Name Zatori Results Come From?

We often get asked where did the name Zatori Results come from. It’s a good question. We put the question to founder and CEO Ronan O’Brien and here’s what he had to say:

“To start with Zatori comes from a Japanese word that i’m a huge fan of “Satori”. Its loosely translated as “understanding”, but essentially it means that moment of clarity when everything suddenly becomes clear and you become aware or enlightened with deeper understanding. I’ve always found it amazing that in English there was never a word made to communicate that feeling. As the word Satori is closely associated with Zen Buddhism and there is absolutely no religious aspect to my use of it, so i decided to replace the S with a Z, so as not to offend or diminish its meaning to those that seek the religious path and to avoid confusion.

The second part of the name “Results” is there to remind of the goal, the outcome which gives reason to what we do. I believe in focus and drive to achieve goals, if you constantly work toward the goal you intend to achieve and measure your progress along the way – then even by taking small steps you’ll get there eventually. I strongly believe that the only way to successfully run an organisation is to add value to everyone involved, to become synergistically better as a team and to learn from the results of the work you do. Thereby pin pointing what you can do best and doing more of it.”