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When it comes to e-commerce there is a lot of information available, some good, some out of date and some just plain bad. But the simple truth is the majority as e-commerce projects fail.

Rapid Presence was brought to the market based on the feedback of many industry experts, as well as successful and failed ecommerce projects. Failed ecommerce projects nearly always experience the same downfalls and likewise successful ecommerce projects have a deep understanding of those fundamentals that need to be in place for success.

At Zatori we’ve been fortunate that we’ve building multiple successful (which means profitable) online stores and as a result have been interviewed and been sought out by people and companies who have been extremely successful offline but just cannot crack their online potential.

So we’ve developed RapidPresence a complete Digital Presence for companies wanting to maximize their online potential and build large scale e-commerce stores without taking unnecessary risks and making massive investment in infrastructure.

Utilizing our web architecture and elements of the ecommerce platforms we’ve already built, we can develop custom designs in a fraction of the time by re-using our existing code base. Instead of hiring multiple highly skilled and expensive specialists we enable these skills to be acquired and implemented just in time and just as needed model. No need to be dealing with multiple web design firms, web marketing, SEOs, big data firms – who ofcourse blame each other when expectations are not met.

E-Commerce warehousing is very different to the traditional model of how a warehouse should be run. Using our highly optimized store, pick and pack systems – we offer clients fulfillment of their product at a cost that is greatly reduced to what they could achieve on their own by taking advantage of our economies of scale on distribution costs.

Customer Support is another area that needs specialized and scalable attention. Think gmail or outlook will suffice? Think again. So we’ve developed a method for our partners to manage your digital presence on a pay as you use method.

Efficiently processing returns, refunds in a timely manner can also be handled for partner companies.

Group distribution for international firms – If you are an international brand selling into Ireland and want to offer local returns to Irish customers, we are here to reduce your costs. Simply put it’s cheaper to ship parcels to one location in Ireland and distribute on nationally than to ship the same amount of parcels internationally. Then offer customers a superior experience with lower cost, faster processing of returns.

6 Reasons Why E-commerce Companies fail

No Real Investment

There is a lot of misconceptions to e-commerce but the most common is that low barriers to entry are the same thing as no investment needed. Yes you can get online for a few hundred euros with some college kids help, but this won’t translate into success.

Its amazing how successful companies are happy to spend 50k – 100k on a bricks and mortar shop and pay an annual maintenance and rent but then don’t translate this thinking to their digital presence which will have the potential for more sales than a physical store can ever provide – as well as increasing foot fall to any existing stores that they may already have.

Likewise cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. You wouldn’t build a retail shop on the top of a back street in a rural location with no passing traffic just because the rent is cheap and the same is with an online store – you have to spend a little to make a lot.


No Differentiation

Another me too business isn’t going to thrive online. Customers need to have a problem that a business can solve. If there is a strong industry leader already in place and you plan on simply copying their business model – you are going to fail. Market research is essential, before undertaking a launch. Investing in pre-launch digital research might just be the best money you can spend.


Horrible Product Photography

If you make the product look bad or un-desirable you haven’t given your customer and your suppliers a fair chance. And no you can’t just steal other companies images and content to use on your site.


No Traffic 

Built it and they will come. Its the fallacy of online retail, you’ve decided to build a site. Even invested heavily in its design. But there is no-one coming to see your offering. Marketing and meeting customer demand are essential, and customer demands have changed. To get real traffic you need real experience and a strategy.


A Poor Website

Customers take less than 1/5 of a second to decide if they want to stay on your website when they enter (called the bounce rate). Pretty doesn’t always translate to easy to use. So many large organisations leave money on the table with substandard, non-mobile enabled websites.

One thing we see time and time again is that customers have an existing website and struggle to understand when a sunk cost needs to be written off. Spending money on a website doesn’t translate to the website being worth that money. Often the best thing to do is migrate platform instead of trying to patch an out of date system.

A website is more than web design and graphics. Google and other search engines deliver traffic to sites that load fast and have great customer experience. Foundations like server architecture, page load speed and search engine optimization are essential but a web design firm doesn’t necessarily supply that.


No patience and Not committing the effort.

Brands take a while to gain a following and grow. You need a business plan, you need a team and you need passion. While you can outsource many aspects of operations, the entrepreneur is always going to be the face and the driving force behind the business. There’s a huge difference between working hard, not working at all and working smart.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to grow your existing business online, talk to us today about fast tracking that success.