Mollys Pet Shop

Mollys¬†pet shop¬†is a project the Zatori team was brought in on in a consultative capacity. Technically not a Zatori company, we’re still very proud of the efforts we made to bring the company to market and some of our senior management are also Directors of Mollys Online Ltd.

Mollys originated as a bricks and mortar pet boutique in Dublin, run by founder and animal enthusiast Claire Lanigan. Although Mollys had a website capable of e-commerce, despite their effort and different strategies they couldn’t seem to get enough traffic to their site and those that did view the site often didn’t proceed further and result in sales.

It was the classic e-commerce story many who have started in online business experience. The owner sees that there is huge potential online and pays someone else to make a site as they didn’t have the technical skills. Once they get the site running they hire external people to do the online marketing for lack of knowledge of how to do it themselves and eventually notices that they are spending more money than is coming in. Having tried everything within their power the owners usually decide that this “online sales thing is all buzz” and folds. Fortunately for us the owner of Mollys is no quitter. She explained to us her predicament and frustrations, she needed to pay for results and not for a “work”. Our CEO liked the idea and bought part of the company, putting the Zatori team on the case. Since Zatori became involved Mollys has experience increased its sales several hundred fold. We’re far from our end goal but only being a few months into the project the results we’re seeing are very exciting.